The Plumpton Braves Baseball Club caters for junior baseball players aged 4 to 16 years of age, playing in the Greater Western Baseball Association.


Starting in Aussie Tee-ball (4-7), the players are taught the basic FUNdamentals of the game, whilst playing in a non-competitive environment aimed at increasing their enjoyment.


The Aussie T-ball game is played six a side, with no outfielders; is 60 minutes long and is played so each child bats in every inning, and is rotated through all the fielding positions.


At age Eight, while still playing Tee-Ball the game changes slightly. Now played on a bigger field with nine-a-side, a competitive season awaits them. While still focusing on having fun, players start to show some strength and timing, and we see more balls hit into the outfield, catches taken and throws across the diamond.


At age Nine, this is where the players take there first small steps towards live ball. The under 10s ‘zooka’ competition. The ‘zooka’ machine now pitches the ball to the batter, no more tee. With the introduction of a ‘live’ ball and a catcher, it’s starting to feel like baseball.


Under 12s (10 and 11 year olds), full pitch baseball is here. This is a major step for all young baseball players. Standing 46 feet (14m) from home plate you will now see a pitcher.

While not quite full baseball rules, this is a big step from under 10s.


Under 14s (12 and 13 year olds) are almost there. Pitching from 54 feet (16.5m) with the field only slightly smaller than a seniors diamond, you could get lost out there. Pick-offs, stealing, all the good stuff is right here.


Under 17s baseball. (14 to 16 years old) If you’ve made it this far you’ve done well. 90 feet base paths, 60.6 feet to the pitcher. “Is the pitcher on a mound?”……….yes they are. Players at this age group are now playing ‘Baseball’.