What age can my child start?

We accept players from 5/6 years old for our under 7s.


How do I know what age group my child fits into?

The age matrix works on the age your child is on the 31st of December.

If they are 7 at this date they will be in the under 8s and so on.


When to they start playing baseball instead of teeball?

Teeball is played from U7s to U9s, then there is a transition year where they play Zooka ball (U10s), which is a machine pitch game. The machine pitches the ball into the strike zones consistently, giving the children a great chance to put the ball into play (hit).

After this (U12s) they are now playing Baseball, although it is still a modified version, smaller fields, no stealing etc. True Baseball starts at U16s.


So what are the age groups?

Teeball – U7s, U8s, U9s

Zooka ball – U10s

Baseball – U12s, U14s, U16/17s


So what if I want to play?

Seniors Leagues (adults, not old people) can play from the age of 14 years.

We have 14 yr olds, 55 yr olds and women playing in the Senior League.




Where is the game?

Draws will always be found on our draws page, with a weekly draw posted on Facebook.


I’m not sure where that ground is or what TRE stands for?

Here are the abbreviations for grounds – our ‘grounds’ page has the locations – just zoom in!!!

CHP-Chapman Gardens (McKillop)
SAM-Samuel Marsden (Chiefs)
MON-Monfarville (Saints)
KEM-Kemps Creek Bowling Club (Kemps Creek)
AND-Andrews Road (Penrith)
TRE-Treager (Boomers)


When do I go to the ground for games, how long beforehand?

Most coaches like their teams there an hour before for warm-up. Tballers 45mins


What about uniform?

Hats, pants and training shirts are available from the club, don’t worry, the club supplies the playing shirts.


How do I know if the game is ON or OFF?

Club policy is that you will only be contacted if the game is off. You will NEVER be contacted to be told the game is on.
Think of it as ‘no news is good news’

This rule applies to trainings as well.